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The Quality Pet Care Service for Tunbridge Wells, Southborough and Tonbridge areas, for very important pets.

There is nobody more trustworthy or experienced in this business than me. I am lucky enough to have spent over 16 years successfully working with animals of all shapes, sizes and temperaments. I have worked as a Centre Manager for some leading animal charities and as a Veterinary Nurse. So I really have seen it all and this means you can trust me 100% to keep your pets safe while having a lot of fun and exercise come rain or shine! I differ from others because your pet's welfare is my number one priority, for example, I only walk small groups of dogs at any one time as this is the only way you can carefully manage their interactions.

I also hold an honours degree in Animal Science and am a fully qualified and experienced dog behaviourist offering a range of services from basic training sessions to working with referring vets on more complex or serious behavioural cases. I have worked with dogs held under the Dangerous Dogs Act and am a trained temperament assessor. I consult on week day mornings and weekends and my walking clients receive great discounts for training sessions. So as you can see, I am much more than just a dog walker, I am a serious dog professional and this is what sets me apart from all the others.  

I look forward to receiving your enquiries and am happy to offer all new clients a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION where I can get to know your pets needs and you can get to know me.

Warmest regards,

Kate 07528 458 394


I am delighted to offer the below services which I pride myself on tailoring to the individual client (and pet's!) needs. I am blessed to have some very happy long term clients who have found me after receiving below par service from other walkers.  Your pet's happiness and safety is my first priority, it’s as simple as that.

The list of services gives a rough guide to prices. I offer a huge range of services for all kinds of animals, 7 days a week and happily give multiple pet discounts. I am fully insured, qualified and run a professional business. Please do give me a call to discuss your individual requirements so I can give you a no obligation quote. I can't wait to meet your furry and feathery friends!



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Group or Individual Walks - prices range from £12-£15 per dog and are dependent on location. Multiple dog discounts apply. 

  • Small group walks usually (2-3 dogs) enabling me to give them the individual attention and supervision they deserve. I am very hot on making sure that dogs are walked with others of a suitable temperament and size so they don't get bullied or left out of games. Walks last 45 minutes to 1 hour.

  • Dog visits in the home - don't be afraid to ask for a home visit for your dogs! For a variety of reasons some owners prefer me to visit their dogs at home to let them out in the garden rather than taking them out in to the big wide world and that is totally ok with me. Various length time slots are available to book starting from a half hour visit. If you are going out for a long day trip you might like to book two half hour slots for example. 

  • Weekend walks - sometimes weekends can get very busy and you will not always be in a position to take your dog out with you for the day. Or maybe you are entertaining guests and are just too busy to go for a walk. Weekend walks are possible subject to availability and there is an extra charge on Saturdays and Sundays.  

  •  Individual dog walks - sometimes dogs who are antisocial towards others tend to get left out by walkers and I think that is a great shame. I can take these dogs on solo walks to quieter places or I can visit them at home and play in the garden. There are a limited number of spaces for individual walks so call for more information. 

Sleeping Dogs


Prices from £15 location dependent

This unique and extremely popular service allows you to go straight from the office to a night out in town or to an evening business meeting. I can visit, feed, walk and cuddle your dogs in the evening so you don't have to panic about racing home for your dogs - I even send a text to reassure you that your dogs are happily fed and tucked up in bed so you can relax and enjoy your evening. This service is available at late notice and is particularly useful for clients if they are having issues with trains (I blame Southern!) or in snowy conditions which can cause dog owners a lot of anxiety. Perfect for all those super busy dog owners. I'm regularly told that this service is a' god send' but don't take my word for it, try us out.



One to one sessions from a qualified and experienced behaviourist - POA

  • Basic Training - help with walking to heel, toilet training, social skills  

  • Solving issues related to fear, phobias and separation anxiety

  • Reactivity

  • Aggression 

  • Excessive barking

  • Destructive behaviour in the home

  • Resource guarding

  • Puppy training - packages to help you get your new pup settled in and to prevent unwanted behaviour in the future

  • Temperament assessments - I can help assess the suitability of a potential new rescue dog or assist in selecting a new puppy to ensure that you choose the dog that will best fit in with your family and lifestyle

  • Great discounts and deals for regular dog walking clients 



New puppy house training, socialisation, cuddles - POA

Having fostered, hand-reared and cared for more puppies than I've had hot dinners, I have developed a bit of a gift for getting new puppies settled in to their new homes and routines. It is crucial that you get early training and socialisation right to prevent behavioural problems later on down the line.​

  • Full new puppy packages available giving you expert guidance on training, socialisation and health of your new puppy. Prevention is better than cure - if you are a first time dog owner or it's been a while since you had a puppy in the house, book in with me ideally before your new puppy arrives. 

  • Toilet training and walking to heel - hands down the two easiest things you can train a dog to do, yet so many people have issues with this!! I'm not sure why but please get in touch asap so I can guide you.

  • Multiple shorter home visits for new puppies to be let out in the garden (we don't want any accidents!) and for companionship until they are fully vaccinated and able to go for big walks. 

  • Choosing a new puppy guidance: as research in to behaviour moves on, we are learning that there are huge genetic components to a dogs behaviour. That means that with good knowledge and understanding of behaviour and breed traits, you can predict which puppy will be calm, happy and generally a pleasant dog to have around as an adult.  I would be delighted to consult with you when choosing your new best friend. There are no guarantees but I haven't been wrong about a dog yet.

Cat Eyes


Home visits - prices from £12  dependent on location.

  • Cat feeding, cleaning out litter trays, play/cuddle time

  • Insulin injections

  • Chickens - supervised free ranging time and feeding while you're away. I can visit twice daily to check your hens are safely locked back in their coop in the evening. I will keep all their eggs safe ready for your return!

  • Checking/feeding/watering/supervised exercise time for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, budgies, ferrets, rats or any other small furry animals.



House sitting - prices from £45 per day

If you are going away and you don't want to board your dogs in kennels or you have multiple pets then pet sitting is always a great option. I do get booked up very early on - I'm already taking bookings for 2019 so please do get in touch as soon as possible!

Veterinarian with Dog


Prices from £15

  • Pet taxi service to veterinary or other appointments

  • If you are busy at work and your pet is unwell, it can be difficult and stressful trying to get a vets appointment. It is worth remembering that I am able to book them in and take them for you, relaying all the important information from your vet. I have been entrusted to take one lovely dog for regular appointments to his specialist oncology vet in Essex and another to an orthopedic surgeon in Surrey!

  • No time to take your dog to and from grooming appointments or you want to avoid a mad dash to the kennels when you are going away on holiday? I can help with the pet taxi service.



I am very excited to announce that I have be organising some regular forest, lake and beach trips for the dogs. Walks last 2 hours plus and this is such a great option for those of you with really high energy dogs who need tiring out! Please call me for availability.

Forest Grass


What my clients say....


I have known Kate for 4 years and she takes excellent care of my elderly dog Daisy while I'm out at work. I have found her reliable and trustworthy, she is excellent at communicating sending text updates and and pictures of my girl meaning that I can relax and not worry about her while I can't be there. I am very pleased with her and would not look anywhere else for dog care.

Mrs Collins , Southborough


Kate is a reliable and friendly walker, she has walked our dog Otis for nearly 3 years now. She has been particularly good about helping us out last minute on a number of occasions!

She has also done training with Otis (and us). We found her to be highly effective and a great teacher. She is rare in that she is just as good with people as she is with animals. Highly recommend.

Ms Rayner,


Kate really does provide a quality service. She has taken the time to get to know our cats and spends quality time with them while we are away. We have used other cat sitters in Tunbridge Wells who used to be in and out of our house in five minutes, I'm not even sure if they saw the cats! But Kate takes pride in grooming and cuddling the cats, it's obvious she really cares about the animals.  A really professional service. 5 stars!

Mr B,
Royal Tunbridge Wells

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Kate 07528 458 394



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